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About English Stone

English Stone is owned and operated by second generation stone mason, Joel Forsberg. Joel's masonry roots started in New England in 1992 but have come to full growth in Minnesota.  English Stone is comprised of a team of top stone and brick masons as well as landscape specialist who have been building in Minnesota since 1997.  

Field stone Boulders in Mortar

Our Process

We will meet with you to discus what your ideas are for your project.  We can usually come up with great ideas in our initial meeting. If we want even more design help, we can call on a couple top rated designers we work closely with.  At the end of the day, we will design and build something that will be exactly what you dreamed of. 

Landscape Plans_edited.jpg

Preconstruction Design

We make a plan according to just what you want.  We use many pictures to paint a clear image of what we will be doing. 


 Construction Estimate

We email a clearly explained estimate with all the details of your project listed out. No surprises. 

Construction Process

We stay on every project until it is done. We keep the jobsite clean and safe so the process doesn't cause any stress. 

Stone worker

The Finishing


We clean up after ourselves. We taking care of the little things like sweeping the street of washing dust off of plants. We don't miss the small stuff.


Our Quality Guarantee

We have a 3 year guarantee on our work. There are many things that customers don't usually see.  Like the depth of the base material,  consistency of the mortar mix, the amount of rebar in the concrete, how well things are compacted, etc. We take pride in doing every little thing as best as it can be done, even when no one sees. This is how we guarantee our work with confidence,  

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